Cleanpartner has 2 product ranges that track particles.
Depending on your needs and specificities, we will be able to offer you the equipment that best suits your business sector.


From the design to the reception of each bench, Cleanpart’ner controls the whole production line of its machines. Cutting, welding, polishing, assembly, adjustment, connection are carried out within its factory by men of  the art. Before delivering a unit, these one is tested, validated and cleaned by particle trackers, which makes it a unique piece.

Obsessed by the quality of its machines, each of them works several hours in the room before passing a battery of tests and validations. All these data are recorded in a pre-acceptance report which is issued to the unit  delivery, as well as  calibration certificate.

Each machine is designed in accordance with the current ISO 16232 and VDA19 standards and is CE certified.

Unique process

As the centerpiece of an extraction bench, the rinsing enclosure of our machines is shaped like a unique ovoid: it has been studied by Cleanpart’ner design office to minimize as much as possible particle retention. Its super polished mirror surface and rounded curves make it the most complete enclosure on the market.

Like all the accessories which are designed for each bench, the sleek design of the rinsing enclosure and the quality of the materials used guarantee a minimum of contact with the component, thus limiting the generation and retention of particles to a minimum.

The flushing ramp, a unique Cleanpart’ner process, is integrated into the walls and reinforces this objective.

In order to protect the operators who operate the Cleanpart’ner machines, they are all equipped with a double air supply flow and extraction of stale air. This air, pushed into the enclosure, is exhausted in entirety in the upper part.

For better operator ergonomics, the rinsing enclosure zone is open and secure thus offering full accessibility to the surfaces to be cleaned. For customers who wish, Cleanpart’ner offers a sliding window with different access options (diaphragms, access hatch …)

Finally, the human machine interface, sober and intuitive, allows a quick understanding.


From DSS1 to DSS6 (our extraction measurement enclosure more than 2 m x 1.5 m!), Our range of cleanliness cabinet usually meets the needs of companies, small businesses, medium business companies or industrial groups.

But what Cleanpart’ner especially likes, it is to take up challenges and answering to each specific need, thanks to the unique know-how of its teams.

Because each part geometry requires a response adapted to the constraints of particle extraction, the design office and particle trackers Cleanpart’ner are there to define with each of its customers, the best way to its cleanliness specifications, dedicated bench for cleaning or for analyzing parts.

Cleanpart’ner has also designed and developed numerous accessories dedicated to each type of unit as well as various options, such as the ultrasonic integrated into the sink -2 power available, two types of PLCs, Siemens or Pro-Face.

And as no one is perfect, if the customer application requires specific means, particle trackers will study the best way to meet the requirements.


Cleanliness in manufacturing is now essential in industrial sectors that affect rolling machines, floating, flying, such as automotive, aeronautics, naval aviation …marine

They concern not only large industrial groups but also their subcontractors of all ranges.

The specifications are more and more complex and sophisticated and can generate many questions about the processes and manufacturing tools and the expected cleanliness level target.

Depending on the environment of each, they define and prioritize the actions in order to have maximum impact on the result while working the costs generated (costs reduction)

They advise on the technical approach to implement and advice actions on weak links in the cleanliness chain. Corrective actions whose effectiveness they measure after their implementation.