Cleanpartner has 2 product ranges that track particles. Depending on your needs and specificities, we will be able to offer you the equipment that best suits your business sector.

Decontamination extraction station

The DSS1 is the smallest of the Cleanpart’ner particle tracker extraction stations. It allows the extraction of contamination on very small components to assess their level of cleanliness in accordance with current standards such as ISO 16232 and VDA19, among others.


  • Extraction bowl Ø 290 mm
  • Quick installation, passing through a standard access door 
  • Fast and repeatable blank acquisition, value less than 50 µm  
  • Ultrasonics integrated to the bowl, adjustable 150 w power (optional) 
  • Full access to the extraction area (optional sliding window)
  • Double air supply flow and exhaust air extraction, integrated into the station (operator protection)
  • Laminar air flow with HEPA filter 0,3 µm meet a class 5 max. following ISO 14644
  • Touch colour machine interface with functional and intuitive controls
  • Designed and manufactured in our workshops
  • Quality of finishes and choice of materials to avoid particle generation and retention
  • Proven and reliable equipment 


Solvent pen with different Ø

Simple Membrane holder

Cascade membrane holder Ø47

Plastic sieve strainer


Working area

Width (mm)
Bowl Ø 290
Height (mm)
Overall 1072 785 2100